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Sermon| WORK - It's A 4-Letter Word!
Ministry is the outflow of your life.  Ministry begins not in what you say or do, but in who you are.  God is more intent on making you the message, rather than giving you a message to speak.  Your message, comes as a sum total of your life experiences, failures, successes, and your responses to them.  Ministry is truth through personality. Be who you are, and then what you say or do will enhance, develop, and improve your ministry.

                     INVEST IN YOUR MINISTRY


Sermon| The Purpose of the Process

God's promises are conditional, and there is a process to obtaining them.  Before God takes you to the promise, He walks you through the process.

December 2017

Sermon | Blue Christmas

What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas?

Christmas is not a happy time for everyone.  How do some people cope with others happiness in the midst of their sorrow?

Delivered at Zion Baptist Church of Lynn, MA

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