#1 - A New Beginning

Genesis 8:18 King James Version (KJV) 18 And Noah went forth, and his sons, and his wife, and his sons' wives with him: The storms in your life will pass over - but where will they leave you? Dead in the water? High & Dry? Rebirthed and Renewed?

When the rains stop, will you still be in the midst of a storm?

God instructed Noah to save his family and two of every living thing on earth. 

Nothing else.  That was it. When your floods come, stop trying to save everything.  Stop and think of what is truly important, relevant and necessary in and for your life. Just because the rains stop, doesn’t mean the waters have receded.  There’s still gonna be some flooding, there might only be some puddles, and there will surely be some mud. And if you step out too soon – you can still be washed away or sucked under or stuck in place. No matter how high the water is – it will subside eventually, but the higher it is, the longer it will take. Are you able to wait it out? The Bible says, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights (Gen 7:12) but then it was roughly 13 months for the land to become dry again.   Your flood, your storm, your disaster can come upon you suddenly, but it can take what may seem like forever to subside. The passage of time makes no difference.  How long you need to wait makes no difference.  Had it only been the next day...it would still be a fresh new opportunity.  See, God give us grace, every day, hour and minute. Every moment of our lives is the opportunity for a fresh new start, a new birth. And just because, you waited… just because you can see the brand new just ahead, doesn’t mean there won’t be an unforeseen stumbling block, a complication, a hindrance that you will need to deal with, in order for your new start to begin.  And you gotta deal with it, or else it will continue to block your blessing. But the thing about this whole story of Noah, how it was that God called him to be the savior of the earth, and he obeyed - wholeheartedly, without question or hesitance or reservation.  And God wanted to blot out the entire earth of all he had made, HE could have just as well decided that Noah would be alone (after all it was a woman, Eve who started all of the evilness to begin with right?) But he didn’t. God knew, and Noah was wise enough to know, that if he and his family were to be successful in making a new start, it would take teamwork. They would need each other. God is a god of 2nd chance.  And HE knew Noah could not do it alone, so HE saved his wife and sons and their wives as well.  Nobody does it alone.  We often forget when we pray to God to help us out of something, and when HE does, because it was not in that moment of prayer, we often believe we did it all by ourselves.  Nobody does it alone! God in His grace has given you a new year. It is a new beginning, a fresh opportunity, a brand-new start with a new year. How do you successfully make a new start? Some of you are going through this right now. Every person can make a new start! How? First, you must acknowledge your need of others.   Nobody does it alone! Second, establish worship as your number one priority. Just as you need others, your need your church and your faith as well.  You need to make real, uninterrupted, thoughtful, and prayerful time for GOD. Genesis 8:20 says... When Noah made a new start, the first thing he did was build an altar and worship God. God was # 1! It did not say that he worshipped God while he unloaded the ark or tended the animals. We need to do the same thing. Have a time and place where you meet with God daily. What new start are you birthing today?  What new beginning will you make? Remember this one thing, you are not alone!

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