I Planted A Seed

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I was a bloom-less bud

In a garden of weeds and madness

And lost in my own sadness But through all my grief and misery God already had his plan for me When I threw up my hands despairingly

He whispered in my ear, “Now you listen to me, I planted a seed in you A long time ago I nurtured and refreshed it, And I’ve been watching it grow. Now the season has come And these fruits you can sow.”

He said, “The gift of anointing and

the Gift of receiving and giving the word

Will be your shield of faith and your Spiritual sword.”

And from that day to this

I’ve embarked on a course

That my thoughts and words be heard Without fear or remorse

And others have come to share

their joys and their pains

And He gives me the answers

So I won’t complain

My answers and confirmation

Comes from all of those

Excited to hear my next

Oration of prose

What this will become only God can know

I am a seed He planted

A long time ago.

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