After you've done all you can...

Sometimes all you can do, is all you can do. Know when to say no, and know that by saying no you are really saying yes to yourself. Give what you can of yourself, your time, and your efforts and energy, until your limit has been reached.

There's a difference between giving up and knowing when you've had enough.

Standing in Your Own Way

Some people say they are born leaders, but most are appointed to such a position. Simply being put into a position of power and authority – does not make you qualified. Not everyone who is a leader, can effectively lead. We are not gifted by God to leadership, but what we do have is an example of Godly living and knowledge of God’s word. With these two things, we can accomplish without intimidation. In fact, those who God put in position of leadership, at some point or another failed. When you are able to make an impact on someone’s spiritual life you inspire them to do it to others, thus making leaders of them. Remember that we all have gifts, and that knowing what they are can help us to lead effectively and confidently.

The problem is recognizing your inability to lead or your ineffectiveness and being able to get out of your own way to fix it. See, you probably can recognize all of the problems in someone else before you can identify your own. It’s like being on a diet, you cheat because no one can see you cheating, but then you get on the scale and are disappointed in yourself. Stop standing in your own way.

Check your ego. We’ve all heard that song, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself!” Truer words have not been spoken! If you’re too busy building your own ego or success, become too bigheaded to help anyone else. You also must give those who know you best permission to be totally honest with you, without fear of repercussions. Be able to hear them tell you when you are wrong or out of line.

You’re a control freak. Another obstacle in your way of yourself may be your tendency to try and micromanage. My late husband managed a group of workers and he would always say his job description was to: “Lead, direct and sometimes assist!” If you ask someone to do something, you must allow them then to do it. How it gets done, may not be how you would have done it…but the bottom line is in the accomplishment and completion and not the process. Everyone’s process is different and works for their own purpose.

You’re a mess! If your own life is full of stress, distress, and distraction – how can you lead anyone anywhere? You have no clear path of your own! If you allow what others say and do, to interrupt your life, your personal or spiritual walk, or even your physical well-being; you will only invite more conflict. Chances are, you will begin to do one of two things: you will engulf yourself with more responsibilities or you will totally shut down. Neither of these will help your leadership of anyone else. If you are too busy, you don’t have time nor patience – if you shut down, you don’t have presence. Get out of your own way.

You are already an expert. This is the hardest one to move away from. It’s hard to be both a leader and an expert. As an expert you have all the skills and resources, you have all the answers. But as a leader, you must support, you must accept failure, you must be proactive and you must question, rather than answer.

So are you ready? Can you set a clear path and follow your own direction? Can you get out of your own way? Your ability to become a great leader can only be hindered by you. Stop standing in your own way.

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